The Corona Diaries – Day 93

I see that the Tories are beginning to get worried. For some obscure reason people are beginning to notice that we’ve performed in the top three (the top three for being the worst at handling the pandemic).

When it comes to effect on the economy we might even be worst of all and top the league! Time will tell!!

They not only think that the people have noticed they also notice that Keir Starmer is getting very popular. He looks and sounds like a Prime Minister – not a bumbling clown with a haystack on his head.

The Tories are looking for scapegoats!! Who knows?? Maybe Boris will go??

The trouble is that the extreme ERG have taken over the Tory Party and they are a complete bunch of nationalist fools. All they’ve got in their heads is God, Queen and Empire. They are having wet dreams about Brexit and xenophobic orgasms when they think about No-Deal. They live in some utopian past where Britain ruled the world – a million miles away from reality – and they are dragging us all over the cliff with them. We are going to suffer a huge economic hit on top of the colossal hit of Covid. It’s going to push a lot more firms into the abyss – but they don’t care. Let the plebs lose their jobs!

When it comes to mundane matters – like a pandemic or Black Lives Matter – they are incompetent, dither and flounder around like the one brain-celled amoeba they are.

But the tide is turning. Johnson’s popularity is going through the floor. People are waking up to his lazy bumbling. They see the puppet master Cummings as an evil little lying Gollum. The Tories are being seen for the greedy, selfish elitists they really are and always have been.

The far right, Tommy Robinson’s boot-boys, are out on the streets causing havoc and trying to disrupt the BLM protests.

So it was a good Sunday to take a nice walk up my hill, breathe in the fresh air and rejuvenate myself in nature. It was fabulous watching the ragged winged crows and a large barn owl, in the middle of the day, hunting down the hedgerows came and hovered a few feet from us. He was there for ages, so beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wild one so close.

Afterwards I went back, worked on my blog and played some JJ Cale.

Another day in coronaland!! Stay safe!!

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