Poetry – The Ballad of Dodgy Dave – John Phillips

John tells it as it was. The Tories were divided and Cameron threw the ERG red meat to keep them on board for the election. He was complacent. A decisions that has cost the country countless billions and led to division and turmoil. It also has put in power the most extreme right-wing government. The ERG now rules and less extreme Tories have been ousted!!

All the result of Dodgy Dave!

The Ballad of Dodgy Dave


When Cameron was Prime Minister

That’s when it all began.

He thought he could do anything;

He was that kind of man.


The Tories thought him wonderful,

Their fortunes, he could save;

Whilst Labour sought to bring him down

And called him Dodgy Dave.


When faced with an election

He laid a cunning plan.

He’d hold a referendum

And win himself some fans.


Right-wingers were a problem;

They hated the E.U.

He’d give them rope to hang themselves;

That’s what he planned to do.


He launched his manifesto;

The promises ran free.

They won him the election,

By stealth and bribery.


But Dodgy Dave could not evade

The meaning of his words.

The date was set, the promise met

In manner most absurd.


Then politicians on both sides

Campaigned with all their might

Without regard for truth or lies

Or what was wrong or right.


Now Dave was feeling confident

When voting day arrived.

With all his usual arrogance,

Opponents he decried.


But when the votes were counted,

The answer loud and clear;

That Dodgy Dave had lost the game

And ruined his career.


So Dodgy David Cameron,

He did n’t even try

To sort the awful mess he’d made;

He simply waved goodbye.


Now Dodgy Dave is past and gone,

A pawn of history.

The Man Who Ruined Britain,

Will be his legacy.


The moral of this story

Is painful, stark and clear.

Don’t ever trust a Tory,

It’ll all-ways end in tears.

10 thoughts on “Poetry – The Ballad of Dodgy Dave – John Phillips

  1. I love it. If people are not reminded that it was David Cameron who started this unholy mess, they move on and forget. What more can you expect though from a man whose favourite ballad is ‘This Little Piggie’ No I haven’t forgotten that either David

      1. If I reply to this, I might just swear and it would not be very ladylike. I’ve just re-posted my ” Ballad of Dominic Cummings.” This also vents my feelings on the privileged few !

      2. Hi Shirley – good to hear. Sometimes, when there is a need, the odd swearword seems highly appropriate to me. I’ll take a look at your ballad.

    1. Hi Shirley – I tried a reblog but could not find the button so i did something else. Not really sure what.
      Anyway, thank you. I hope it brings a few visitors your way!

  2. Hi Opher, Thanks for that. As for the reblog, would that be something that I didn’t do when setting up the blog ? I wouldn’t be surprised as I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at the start. I’m a wee bit better now.

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