The Corona Diaries – Day 80

Another glorious day in lockdown!!

The government gambles on letting us out. At least the deaths and new cases appear to be coming down although only around 5% of the population appear to have had the disease.

As herd immunity doesn’t kick in until 70% is reached there are other phenomena at work. One theory is that the most susceptible contract it first. The remaining population are less susceptible.

So much unknown.

However, people are no longer social distancing and are gathering in large groups – could result in a surge!!

One theory was that after the virus is over we might all reassess our aims and society have a better ethos. That doesn’t seem to hold true. It looks to me as if everyone is keen on getting back to the bad old days as quickly as possible.

We never learn.

It also looks as if the population is keen to overlook the incompetence of our politicians no matter how many thousands of deaths they have caused. We’ll see.

As for me – I’m still well. There doesn’t appear to be any cases in the village yet. The sunshine is glorious and life’s good!!

I’ve been playing Crosby, Stills and Nash – really nice to reconnect.

This afternoon I went for a three hour SD walk with my friend Nick. Nice to talk!!

I aim to meet up with other friends soon – depends on the weather!

I hope to meet up with family in the near future. It feels like things are slowly lifting!!

So Stay Safe!!!

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