I am BLACK and I do MATTER!

That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the color of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
Me say war


How skewed is your enterprise!
Black is death, while divine is white?
You claim your white is pure and right,
While black is the negative twin in hide!

You tag me depressing,
You label me frightening,
A black mark you say
is because of the wrong doings!
Alas, your lie is not even a lie,
when it is white. Right?

Know you must I should be celebrated!
No concede, no tags, no nonsense tolerated!

Now hear this!
I am the color of Anubis.
I am the soil of Nile.
I am unambiguous, I am definite.
I am hard to be misunderstood!

I am the color of the ink that you read.
I am, your nice silhouette.
I have depth, devoid of variation.
I am, the regal black!

In my power I absorb it all.
I am not one, but all of it all.
I am the core of universe.

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