Opher talks to Opher about politics.

‘OK Opher, let’s start with a few easy ones – are you political?’

‘Yes. Ultimately I have come to realise that every aspect of our lives is run by politics. If you are engaged with life then you are political.’

‘So how would you describe your politics.’

‘I’m left of centre. I do not fully subscribe to any political group. Idealistically I would be a communist – but in reality they have a habit of developing totalitarian regimes. So I veer towards socialism – I’m a mixture of Greens and Social Democrat. In Britain I tend to support either Labour or the Greens and oppose the whole basic tenet of the Tory party.’

‘Were you always political?’

‘No – not at all. As a youth I was extremely anti-establishment and aligned with the sixties counterculture. I believed that the establishment runs the world. They are the wealthy elite who via corruption and funding, along with control of the media, control the political parties. I was apolitical in terms of how I saw all political parties as being controlled by that elite and as bad as each other. So I wanted out of society. I wanted to have a life that did not support a world run for greed – a more simple life that I felt was more creative, more meaningful, more fulfilling, less hypocritical and more fulfilling.’

‘I have always believed in fairness. That has led me to place equality at the centre of my thinking. All people are not equal but they are of equal worth. They all deserve a fair share or at least the opportunity. I want a level playing field.’

‘But you changed.’

‘Yes a little. I still believe that though. The wealthy elite control things and are a destructive force exploiting us and the planet, plundering, creating wars and leaving huge poverty and inequality in their wake.’

‘So what is different in your views?’

‘I discovered that you cannot live outside of society. There is no escape – leastways if you want to be in contact with friends and family. You are caught up in the game. Then I became a teacher. I found that there was a big difference between political parties. When the Tories were in power the public services were cut and money given to the wealthy in tax cuts. When Labour were in power the schools, hospitals and youth services were better funded and that made a big difference. They were both still controlled by the same powerful elite (in different ways) but politics made a big difference to those at the bottom.’

‘I also see things on a global scale. The big issues cannot be dealt with locally. The environmental issues, overpopulation, pollution, global warming, poverty, war, tax evasion, crime, racism, multinationals, corruption. They are not restricted by artificial national boundaries. We need a global view to deal with them. That leads me to put my faith in a structure like the UN.’

‘But surely global politics can be exploited by that global elite? You could be giving them total control.’

‘Yes – but I believe we have to find a way of putting in safeguards. We have to foremost protect the environment, tackle overpopulation and poverty and make the world a better place for everyone! That political! I’m still an idealist. I believe we can make things better.’

2 thoughts on “Opher talks to Opher about politics.

  1. Apropos: “caught up in the game” – just now I was about to send a concerned email to yr Missie – fearing the worst so to speak, when I discovered, that #DonaldDucks imperial system had locked me out of the internet thus seemingly cut off the line between us. No idea how I was taken off the list of your followers …

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