Poetry – Dreams and Memories

Dreams and Memories


The sun’s warmth and cool breeze are vehicles

As one strolls down the lane,

A wodge of grass in cheek,

Chewing nature’s chewing gum,

Hearing birdsong,

Smelling grass and herbs,

Hearing rustling leaves,

But transported inside.

Inside where the dreams of youth

Have settled into a belly of contentment

Becoming the memories of age.


Chewing and striding,

Chewing and musing,

Chewing and remembering.

Chewing the aspirations.

Chewing the memories.


Some of those dreams became real

And some withered away.

Some grew and took on unseen dimensions,

Others came to abrupt ends and disappointment.

But without dreams to propel us forward,

Without opportunities seized,

Without chances risked,

We would not have the memories to enrich us,

Or that ball of contentment nestling inside.


Strolling down the lane,

On a perfect day,



Opher – 31.5.2020

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