The Corona Diaries Day 76.

Another gorgeous day in Coronaland. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather over the last ten weeks. That has made it much more bearable. We’ve been able to get out for a walk in pleasant sunshine nearly every day. That makes such a difference.

Today I’ve been outside painting the art installation in the garden. It was quite time-consuming. Consequently I have done very little writing and not much reading.

I’m reading Olaf Stapledon – a Sci-fi novel written in 1930 given to me by my friend Tony. Interesting stuff.

I have been playing Buffy St Marie today. Some of her songs about the treatment of Native Americans is extremely sad and anger producing. She is one of my favourite female singers.

My walk took me up to the top of my favourite hill again. Ambling in the sunshine listening to birdsong is extremely relaxing and invigorating.

Talking to Paul, a man I met on the way, was harrowing. He told me of a very fit friend of his, a 5-a-side footballer and cyclist, who died of covid at the age of 52 years old.

Cummings is still in post! I don’t think Johnson can cope without him. Brexit is looming and they’ve still got to explain why we have performed the worst in Europe over covid.

Emily Maitliss seems to still be employed. I bet the public reaction sent a few tremors through the BBC board.

So we reach the end of another day. This lockdown is proving difficult – but next week we can see family in the park and in a few weeks time we’ll have football on TV!! Things are picking up!!

Let us hope we do not get another surge and that Johnson manages to organise sufficient testing and follow-up. Other countries are streets ahead!!

Stay safe!!

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