Poetry – A Lie

A Lie


I heard Hancock talk

Of a protective ring –

Just a lie.



No support,

Old people left to die.


Some protective ring!

Now it’s time

To question why.


Opher – 25.5.2020

4 thoughts on “Poetry – A Lie

  1. Opher, how quickly Johnson and selective Tory MP’s – Hancock, Gove, Raab included – moved to place a protective ring around rule-breaker Cummings, but yet, how slow and ineffectual they were to do the same thing for care-homes. It’s evidently clear where Tory priorities lie and that lies are Tory priorities.


  2. I cannot wait for the glorious day a public inquiry holds this shambolic Tory government to account and finds them morally, ethically, and politically complicit in the death’s of thousands through their complacency, neglect, and incompetence.

    A new, socially democratic way forward offering progressive, transparent, fully accountable governance of this country that demonstrates respect and utmost consideration for the public and delivers on promises is decades overdue. Governments should live in fear of the public who put them into power, not the public live in fear of the power wielded by governments.


    1. Exactly – but will we ever have a proper enquiry?? Will we ever get a socialist government?? Those who hold the power do everything they can to stop that happening and people have proved incredible malleable. There are no signs of the public waking up to how they are being manipulated.

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