Poetry – All Together

All Together


We are doing this together;

Everyone the same!

We’re making sacrifices –

Playing the game!

Everyone following the rules –

Staying at home!

Slightest symptom –

Not allowed to roam!

We’re all supporting each other

And missing family.

I cannot go to them.

They cannot come to me!

All except Dominic Cummings!!


Opher – 24.5.2020

2 thoughts on “Poetry – All Together

  1. The more the days roll-by and further information/evidence comes to light, the more it becomes apparent that we’ve never ‘all’ been in this together Opher. Evidently there are those, with friends in high places, who consider themselves above the rules.

    Cummings will give a public statement this afternoon and will take questions. How is it that a non-elected government advisor gets to hold a press briefing whilst simultaneously flouting the government’s Code of Conduct for Special Advisers, which states (Point 14:

    ‘Special advisers must not take public part in political controversy, through any form of statement whether in speeches or letters to the press, or in books, social media, articles or leaflets.

    They must observe discretion and express comment with moderation, avoiding personal attacks, and would not normally speak in public for their Minister or the Department.’

    A man of more noble character would do the right thing and go.


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