The Corona Diaries – Day 67

I see the blame game is starting and the spin is coming in. From Hancock’s ludicrous ‘we put a defensive ring around Care Homes’ to the statements that they received bad scientific advice.

What is quite clear is that the science was always unclear. We don’t know enough yet. Instead of following clear guidance from the WHO to ‘Test, Test, Test’ they chose a stupid Herd Immunity approach, wasted precious weeks, which has cost thousands of lives. That is not poor science. That’s a political judgement.

We’ll see where this goes – Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro – three pathetic populist leaders who haven’t got a clue – denying, blaming and not leading. Complacent, inept and stupid!!

There’s blood on their hands. I just hope that they don’t pull the wool over too many eyes!!

Today was a beautiful day! Having completed my editing of Star I took the day off. I walked up to the top of my favourite hill and then went back and read in the garden., played some Bert Jansch and chilled!

I’ve spent the time pottering – moving wood, sorting shelves, moving paint, mowing and watering.

Very relaxing!

Still haven’t got the virus. No real sign of it in the village. Beginning to wonder if we should maybe get back to a bit of normality? It certainly would be nice to see family and friends and catch up for a meal or two!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 67

  1. Well Opher, politicians are dishonest, so I don’t listen to them. But I suspect the reason they failed to ramp up testing was that they had already frittered away all the money allocated for epidemics. That’s why I found the slogan “protect the NHS” so distasteful. We’ve paid for this for decades – then, when we need it, it isn’t there for us to use? FAIL. Big government fail. (Parse that how you will).

    And you’re right that the science was unclear. (Just like “climate change.”) In fact, the cynic in me says there wasn’t any science at all in Ferguson’s estimates. They were all from models (and bad models at that), not empirical estimates based on facts.

    As to the virus, I’d say don’t be scared of it. Keep out of crowds, don’t use public transport, don’t spend too much time in the immediate company of the same people, and you should be fine. Most of all, avoid hospitals and other NHS establishments. It may sound cynical, but my advice for staying healthy right now is “boycott the NHS.”

    On a lighter note, I encountered that white goose again today… you may enjoy this:

    1. Strangely I largely agree with you on most things.
      Many, if not most, politicians are liars (particularly Tories).
      I agree – they wanted to give the money in tax cuts for the wealthy instead of into planning for a pandemic. That’s Tories for you. They had the Cygnet report on the readiness of the NHS and ignored it. Their priorities were not on ordinary people. Tories are there to serve the wealthy. It’s nothing to do with big government though; it’s to do with Tories.
      The science was not their regarding antibodies and immunity. Neither was it there about how the virus was spread. Yet this bunch of incompetent fools set off down the path of herd immunity. That was political not science.
      As for climate change – well you’re obviously not a scientist. Any biologist will show you quite clearly in your own back garden the changes in populations due to climate change. The science is so obvious and irrefutable (as are the massive declines in species populations).
      When we have the data on levels of the virus in our local communities I shall be able to evaluate the risk. When we have sufficient testing and follow up I will feel safer. Until then I shall remain cautious.
      That goose is certainly a bully!

      1. Yes indeed, Opher, that goose is a bully. I think it’s probably a female, as I’m not sure a male of that size would be so low to the ground as is shown in its unprovoked attack on the Canada goose for just being near it. But it’s the one and only white goose on that lake, and it’s physically bigger than any of the others. It has a Canada goose partner, by the way; I also caught it threatening another goose for going too close to its partner, but couldn’t get the camera out in time.

        As to politicians, yes you’re right they’re liars. But they’re also selfish bullies, just like that white goose. Ophen your eyes (ha!) and you’ll see that just about everything they do is either lining their own nests, or hurting people they don’t like. Because they can get away with it! (That’s one of the main supports of the current political system: it’s called “sovereign immunity.”) And all the mainstream parties do it. Most people, including you, seem still to be blind to that.

        And on virus data, yes, it isn’t easy to find data for the UK broken down by area. Partly because the boundaries of NHS “trusts” don’t have anything in common with any boundaries ordinary people might be able to relate to. In contrast, in the Netherlands they supply really good local data on hospitalizations, see here:

        The map of hospital admissions (in het ziekenhuis opgenomen patienten) by municipality is really interesting. I’ll leave you to use your geographical, political and cultural knowledge of the Netherlands, and your scientific skills, to glean what you can from it. And to ask: why, after the huge amounts we’ve paid for it, can’t the NHS deliver data on this epidemic to at least that standard?

      2. They are not all liars and bullies Neil. The Labour party was formed by idealists who wanted socialist principles for working people. When they got into power they set up the welfare state and NHS – wonderful socialist institutions. The party has been taken over by Blairite watered-down Tories but there are still people of principle to be found – altruistic people.
        The Tories were set up by business to look after the interests of the wealthy. That is what they have been doing ever since. Bastards all.
        I think the NHS probably has good enough data to do the same as the Netherlands. It is the lousy Tories who are not using it right. Interesting to see a system similar to what I was proposing in my earlier post. An interesting article – we need something like that!
        BTW – we get the NHS on the cheap. Think what you’d be paying if you lived in the States!

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