Todays Music to keep me sane in Isolation – Leon Rosselson

Leon is a much overlooked genius of a songwriter (not to be confused with Leon Russel) who writes the type of songs I can readily identify with. He focusses on social issues and is the Ken Loach of songwriters. Classic themes on the Diggers, William Morrison and the ills of society sit alongside his songs of freedom and love.

The World Turned Upside Down and Palaces of Gold are two of my favourites.

He has passion, integrity and a sense of fairness and justice. He writes songs which are packed with meaning.

We’re both fighting for that better, fairer future!

Today I shall be playing some good old Leon!!

4 thoughts on “Todays Music to keep me sane in Isolation – Leon Rosselson

  1. Nice one Opher. Managed to see Roy Bailey a few times before he pegged it (last year) in London and Sheffield (tramlines festival?) but never Leon although I do know his music a little.
    We saw Julie Felix (aged 80) in good form (like a teenager!) at Skegness GB folk Festival (Butlins) 2018 but sadly she died recently. For 2020 for the first time in 7 years we haven’t booked to go.

    1. I’ve been to the Folk Festival a few times but recently there hasn’t been too many people I wanted to see. We probably walked past each other!
      I saw Leon at a small Folk club held in Nellies in Beverley. Fabulous. Would love to see him again.
      I caught Julie in Hull at the Adelphi last year. She was great and we had a little chat. She was in fine form. So sorry to see her go. The ranks are certainly thinning out!

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