Covid – 19 – Some Question for Boris Johnson

Is it true that you were part of a Tory administration that has starved the NHS of funds for the past ten years?

Is it true that you were part of a Tory administration that has increasingly introduced competition and privatisation into the NHS as a means of driving down costs?

Is it true that that your government had no strategy in place for dealing with this pandemic despite its inevitability?

Is it true that there was no stockpiling of protective clothing or necessary equipment to deal with an emergency?

Is it true that that you were part of an administration whose Brexiteering anti-immigration policy resulted in a hostile environment that drove hundreds of thousands of doctors and nurses away?

Is it true that your complacency at the beginning meant that you chose to miss three out of five Cobra meetings to go on holiday with your fiancé, despite the terrible warnings coming in from the WHO and abroad?

Is it true that your initial policy of herd immunity, much criticised by the WHO, was a mistake that would have killed hundreds of thousands and overwhelmed the NHS?

Is it true that your government, unlike those of Germany and South Korea, have failed to procure enough chemicals, facilities and swabs for testing the population and containing the outbreak?

Is it true that, despite advice on distancing, you deliberately shook hands with Covid-19 victims, thus giving yourself a disease that very nearly killed you?

Is it true that your Brexiteering attitude created such hatred for the EU that you refused to sign up for aid in procuring ventilators and PPE?

Is it true that you are bringing in PPE from Turkey rather than using home-produced materials because it is cheaper?

Is it true that you have no exit strategy from this lockdown?

Is it true that you, Trump and Bolsonaro are populist leaders only concerned with money and your own advancement rather than the people and good of the country?

Is it true that your laziness, complacency, ineptitude and stupidity has resulted in tens of thousands of needless deaths?

4 thoughts on “Covid – 19 – Some Question for Boris Johnson

  1. Yes, very true but how they obfuscate! Can that be said but came into my head as lie seems overused and means little these days. Keep that sense of history folk because as Chomsky says those in power know how soon most people forget. Good to know your family have recovered. Keep well as we need you post covid!

    1. Cheers Georgina. I hope you are safe in your hideaway in Spain. It is so hard being away from grandchildren and not meeting up with friends and family.
      I can’t help thinking that with proper international cooperation this could have all been avoided! The WHO had a slow and poor response. China tried to cover it up. The response of other governments was lamentable.

      1. Too many mistakes and too many deaths. I hope my close friend’s husband will not be one but it has destroyed his lungs. It is too close even though I can enjoy the trees and birds.

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