The Corona Diaries – Day 40

Forty days locked up in our own homes – well, apart from long walks in the Spring sunshine.

It’s OK. I’ve got quite used to it. I miss all my activities, writing groups, cinemas, gigs, family and friends – a meal and drink! But we have a routine! It’s working OK. I have my writing, reading and music!

When I look at how our leaders are doing I am amazed by their incompetence.

Trump is bringing in an immigration ban – as if that is going to stop the virus. It’s already there rampaging through the States. The worst death rate in the whole world. All due to Trump’s incompetence – hoax, flu, back to work. He’s now actively encouraging people to go back to work so the economy can get back on track and he can be elected – after all, what’s a few hundred thousand deaths?? The immigration ban is mere pandering to his supporters. It’s so blatant!!

Here, Johnson and the Brexiteering Tories refused to accept help from Europe for political reasons. They were offered ventilators and protective clothing but refused to accept anything from the damned foreigners!!! I wonder how many thousands of deaths that will result in??

In Brazil Bolsonaro is still claiming it is of no concern and people should work as normal.

These people care more about money and their own money than people!.

So today we are working on painting the hall. I have been doing a bit of writing and went out on a long walk in the Spring sunshine to Lowthorpe. It is great to communicate with nature!

Another day passes – Stay Safe everyone!

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