The Corona Diaries – Day 38

Very sniffly this morning. As we are not contacting people I can’t have caught anything – must be hayfever!

Incredibly it is now 38 days and no end in sight! Still alive!

I had a zoom conference today with a few friends. That worked well. I’ll try and get the family doing it!

Then it was mowing the grass and going for a walk. We walked a few miles. The sky was deep blue and the sun was shining but there was a cold easterly wind that shook the trees.

Then I cooked an omelette for lunch (onions, peppers, garlic and blue cheese)! I now have such an interesting life.

I’m in my room playing some Peter Green at full volume!!

This afternoon it’ll be some writing and reading!

Feeling a bit tired and washed out.

Another day down – only a year to go!! Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 38

  1. Have been following your corona posts. Hoping you really do just have hayfever! It’s certainly an attitude game this isolating isn’t it? Are you really thinking isolation for a year? How do you get your supplies?

    1. Hi guys!! Yes I’m pretty certain it’s hayfever (but you never know!) – I don’t seem so bunged up today.
      Looking at the problem through a biologist’s eyes it could well be a year! If the virus does not create antibodies (as most corona viruses don’t) that give immunity that means you can get it more than once. It also means that an effective vaccine is unlikely. To me that indicates that it is going to be ever-present in the community. That means if those who have underlying health problems or who are old codgers (over sixty five) come out of isolation they could get it and die!
      My main hope is that they will find some drug that will stop the immune response that kills. That could happen soon or might take a year or two.
      Who knows?

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