The Corona Diaries – Day 34

Today was a strange one. I worked on my blog. My book – ‘New Eden’ (A Ron Forsythe Sci-fi) was published so there was cause for celebration!

We went up the road to get some eggs and ended up going on an hour and a half walk!! It was nice. Sunshine and blue sky tempered by a cool breeze off the North Sea.

Spring is a lovely time of year.

The rest of the day was spent sanding down and putting primer on windows! Not a job I enjoy. Tomorrow (if it’s fine) will be spent undercoating and topcoating. The fun things we do in isolation!

Thirty four days is quite a long time. We’re beginning to wonder how we get out of this. It looks like Covid-19 is going to be present in the community for ever. If we come out of lockdown we stand a chance of catching it.

That means one of three things:

  1. They test everyone so we can contain who has got it, isolate them, and stop it spreading. Then everyone can feel relatively safe.
  2. They find a drug that works against Covid-19 (not that antimalarial one being pushed by Trump). This may happen in the future but I’m not holding my breath. We do not have any effective anti-virals so I don’t see how they are going to magic one up. There again, there would be a lot of money in it so the drug companies may pull out the stops. Another good reason why drug research should be in the hands of governments and not profit obsessed private companies.
  3. They find a vaccine. But that is at least a year away!

We could be in isolation for some time to come!!

Finished all the primer. We’ve got the stew I prepared yesterday for dinner! I hope it’s good!

I’m going to spend a bit of time sorting out my new Ron Forsythe blog. This evening we’ll have a fire and watch something on telly!

Another day goes by!!

Keep safe everyone! Be happy!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 34

  1. Opher, you are raising questions that we must wrestle with around the globe. Even if they develop an effective vaccine, we know there are large numbers of people who don’t believe in vaccines and will refuse to be vaccinated. So the killer disease will continue its rampage. Maybe it’ll just kill off the twits who don’t believe any of the science around this issue.

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