Sci-fi Novel – New Eden – should it be renamed??

Just after I had published my latest Sci-fi book – New Eden – Liz said to me that I’d chosen the wrong title. She thought it should be called ‘Virus’.

What do you think?

New Eden



6 thoughts on “Sci-fi Novel – New Eden – should it be renamed??

  1. As I recall your summation of the New Eden story included the following: ‘In among all the horror it tells the story of a small group of children living in a facility. They have a genetic disorder which affords them immunity.’ In times of moral despair, children often become a symbol of hope, as such I think the title New Eden is perfectly fitting.

    Unrelated to your book, but no doubt of passing interest to you, I thought you might enjoy the following:

    Hope you’re holding up whilst locked-down. There’s still a while to go yet.


  2. I think you chose well, Opher. I think we will soon see an explosion of new books about Covid-19 and the word “virus” will be featured prominently in many of those titles. As well, you know that people judge a book by its cover, so your title “New Eden” fits a new sci-fi novel splendidly. Sorry, Liz.

    1. Cheers John – that seems to be the consensus view!! Thanks for that. I trust you are all well there! We are just completing our fifth week of isolation!! All well so far!

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