Another Springtime English walk!! The Butterfly Gulch and Blackberry Way!

We are so lucky living out here in a little village. The walks are delightful. I’m allowed one lot of exercise outside and that means I go for a walk for an hour or so.

I walk outside my door and have a choice of where to go.

The sun is shining. It is hot like summer. Why not come and join me on a walk??

This is my village

Here’s the tree at the top of my road.

I’m looking for interesting things to photograph. I loved the patterns of the plants. Then there were the acknowledgement of our brave NHS workers, delivery staff, teachers, drivers, cleaners and carers!! More power to you!!

Heading out of the village.

Here’s a blackbird, pigeon and starling.

I’m on the back lane. Nobody in sight.

These are the surrounding fields.

Heading off up the side lane.

Straw bales and a wind turbine!

Ducks and chickens.

There’s a lone guy up ahead!

The May Blossom is in full flow!

Little birds singing in the trees. Not sure what this fellow is.

Over the railway track.

A big nest in the tree. I don’t think it’s a crow. Could be a buzzard?

This is blackberry way. Those are brambles to the side – a whole mass of them. Should be a good crop of blackberries later this year.

That cockerel was strutting. The hen looks worried.

A fossil shell

Over the railway track.

This is where I turn off onto Butterfly Gulch.

A mass of May blossom with tumbling butterflies, hoverflies and bees! A delight.

I liked the pattern of these young shoots coming through in lines.

Heading up the lane back to the village.

Animals grazing in the fields.

Out of my gulch into the lane.

The church in the distance across the fields.

The Union Jack – sadly now associated with fascism and nationalism – stolen from us. Patriotism is a curse when misused. In actual fact a symbol of cooperation and union. The opposite of what the fascists have used it for.

NHS – we love you!!

Back to the mere.

Here’s the old water mill on the beck. Looking a bit rotten and dilapidated now. How much flour did that grind??

Easter eggs and an old, now shabby, phone box. I remember talking to my early girlfriends for hours in phone boxes like that – feeding in threepenny pieces!!

Back in the village.

Here’s the station.

Crossing the beck.

Goats in the field.

I hope you enjoyed this walk with me! I’ll do another one tomorrow!

Stay safe!! Socially distance!! Wash your hands and stay home!!



2 thoughts on “Another Springtime English walk!! The Butterfly Gulch and Blackberry Way!

  1. Not sure how you got so many pictures into 331KB but it looks as if that’s just the text of the email with links to small pictures?
    Think that little fellow is a chaffinch with the wind up his bum (making a crest on his head).

    1. Hi Trevor – I had to take out extra space on the blog. Cost me an arm and leg but it means I can be a bit profligate. Yes I think that was a chaffinch!

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