The Corona Diaries – Day 23

We are still not showing any symptoms but that is not really surprising – we haven’t had any contact with people for over three weeks!

Today we went for a two hour walk out to Driffield, our nearest town, and back through the woods and fields. We did not pass too many people. It is nice the way people automatically cross the road or stand well to the side to let other people pass. I hope the morons don’t spoil this and create a lock-down for everyone where nobody is allowed out.

The town was largely shut up and we were saying that when this is all over many of these shops will probably not open again. This will be the last straw for a lot of them.

It was heartening walking past the windows with rainbows in – with messages for the nurses, doctors, carers and teachers who are at the front line. Perhaps there is a new age of caring starting up?

Things will be different!

After the two World Wars there was a social contract with the people that the State would care for the people. It resulted in the NHS, better education, social services and pensions.

That contract had been eroded by successive Tory governments. It is time that is addressed and the public services given more prominence. It is what those soldiers fought for! A better life for their families!

So with the economy crashing it looks like a far worse situation that the economic crash. We could be looking at another decade of austerity. Let’s hope that it hits the right people this time – the profiteers, bankers and company bosses pulling in their multimillion pound bonuses. Last time it fell on the nurses, teachers, carers and council workers!!

It was great walking through the woods and seeing and hearing the birds. Nature is asserting itself. Now there are less cars and no planes it is quieter. It doesn’t take long.

While I was making a cup of tea this morning I was watching a great tit checking out one of our bid boxes. He was beautiful. Looks like we might have a new family living with us!

We are both doing well and all our family are well. We did facetime with our Australian friends. The world is still small!

Our Amazon trip seems a long time ago now. I will sort out a few more photos this afternoon.

I have just finished lunch. We are eating well – cheese on toast with diced onions, garlic and herbs de Provence. Yummy.

It is quite warm and sunny here today. I might just retire to the garden and read for an hour before getting back to the novel!

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