Corona Virus – UK compared to South Korea!!

This summed it up for me. Our government is pathetic!

They missed out on the offer of thousands of ventilators.

They were slow off the mark.

They are still not testing anywhere near enough!

They are not following up!

Protective gear is still not getting through.

Carers in Old Peoples’ homes are being left to it!

They do not seem to know what the hell they are doing. This pandemic has been predicted for years. Why weren’t we prepared? Why haven’t we had tight contingency plans? Why didn’t we have stockpiles of gear and ventilators? Why did the Tories run down the NHS? Why were there tens of thousands of unfilled posts for doctors and nurses? Why did they drive out our overseas doctors, carers and nurses with their hostile environment policy?

The only place doing worse than us appears to be the States with Trump declaring it was all a hoax, then that it was a Chinese plot, then that they were dealing with it so well that it would be over in a few weeks, telling everyone there was a cure when there wasn’t, wanting people to go back to work for the sake of the economy, then refusing to call a national emergency so different States were trying to outbid each other on ventilators and protective gear while thousands died in New York!!

Johnson is bad but Trump is worse! It looks like the States is in for a real meltdown.

They both need to look at how China and South Korea handled the crisis. They are getting back to normal. We’ve got another 6 months of social isolation!

Incompetence and bluster!!


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