Poetry – Cooperation Across the Nation

Cooperation Across the Nation


Cooperation across the nation

We’re getting ready for a fight.

Not competition in this perdition

Preparing for our plight.

So everybody


All together

Let’s go helping

Helping down your street!


Opher – 30.3.2020 (Thank you Martha and the Vandellas)

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Cooperation Across the Nation

  1. One simple act of kindness and consideration for another encourages others to do the same. Before long a ripple can becomes a wave, and a wave become a tsunami. If people can demonstrate such cooperation, collaboration, compassion, kindness and regard, then why not the governments of our world as well.

    We are ONE world enduring the same pandemic.


    1. Quite agree – maybe this virus is the catalyst we need??
      Cooperation not competition.
      Compassion not profit.
      Kindness not intolerance.
      Who knows?

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