Today’s Music to Cheer me up in Isolation!! – Little Richard!!

Funny how I seem to be going back to the old Rock ‘n’ Roll at a time like this. I guess it’s because it is so vital, alive and visceral!! It makes you want to dance and sing.

I first discovered Little Richard when I was twelve. He was a revelation – so exciting!

We had a school fete when I was thirteen (pre-Beatles) and were asked to run a stall. I took my Dansette in and ran a juke box. I took in my Shadows, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly and Little Richard LPs and ended up playing Little Richard all afternoon!! I did not make much money but I had a great time. Loads of girls were hanging round my stall!

So today the house will ring to the sound of Little Richard’s jive!!

8 thoughts on “Today’s Music to Cheer me up in Isolation!! – Little Richard!!

  1. Hello fellow traveler – me too!

    It started with the Dansette and contemporary blues, John Lee Hooker and the like, then Little Richard, Chuck Berry and early Presley. Then about age 18, advanced to building a concrete-mounted twelve inch Tannoy into a corner cabinet in my bedroom powered by a 50 watt amplifier (much to my father’s exasperation!). Couple this with the local coffee bar and a Rock-Ola pumping out Sandy Nelson ‘Let there be Drums’ and Duane Eddy ‘Peter Gunn’ etc. and I couldn’t get enough!

    Fueling my musical enthusiasm was Willis Conover’s ‘Voice of America Jazz hour’, which opened me up to Miles Davis and the world of Jazz. Add into the mix, James Brown, Stax, Tamla followed by Funk etc. and the rest is history. I was so hungry for this music, I used to import it from USA.

    Back in the early 70s I was resident DJ in the Casino, Montreux. I had a substantial record collection which I used in the discotheque. I was there the night Frank Zappa was playing and the Casino caught fire and burned to the ground taking with it much of my favourite music (along with Zappa’s entire stage gear)! Fortunately most of the music is still available but it’s not quite the same as having the originals!

    Just now, I am mourning the loss of Manu Dibango in Paris to the effing virus.

    All the best,


    1. Cheers John – That’s quite some tale! Real Smoke on the Water. Amazing. That must have been quite a scary night!
      I couldn’t get enough of the music either. It’s been a major part of my adult life! It’s the backdrop to everything.

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