The Establishment

The Establishment


The UK is the sixth largest economy in the world. It has a gross income of $3 trillion. Yet millions live in poverty – two million British children live in poverty.

One has to question why.

The reason is quite obvious. This country is run by the wealthy for the wealthy. The Eton and Harrow boys are creaming off the bulk in huge salaries and massive multimillion bonuses. This is exacerbated by their tax avoidance schemes. The capital of the country is being siphoned off-shore.

What is left over is not sufficient to adequately run our public services or give fair pay to millions of families.

The reason for this poverty is massive inequality. We are becoming a country of billionaires and paupers.

The ones guiding this society put profit in front of people and the environment. They are supporting practices that exploit people, use child labour, decimate forests, pollute oceans, cause global warming and keep wages low. They also promote wars. There is money to be made.

The Tory Party was founded in 1834 by businessmen to look after the interests of businessmen. It supports this system of unrestricted capitalism.

Successive governments have not blocked these tax avoidance schemes.

One has to ask why?

There is no need for poverty. Every family in Britain could enjoy a very high standard of life. What prevents this is the unfair system based on greed and selfishness.

Time it changed!!!

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