Opher interviews Opher again!

Opher interviews Opher again!

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‘So tell me Opher – why do you insist on optimism for the future in the face of such a hopeless greed-ridden, power-mad establishment?’

‘Because I believe that most people are intrinsically good. Eventually the good will win.’

‘But that goes in the face of reason. All the power lies with the greedy ones. You aren’t going to change them.’

‘Yes we will. We will because there are billions of us who crave for fairness, justice and tolerance. We have just become connected through the internet. We can shine a light on the disgusting things they are doing. We can broadcast it and make billions of people aware. We can unify and organise. That’s democracy. The power of the many to do good.’

‘What if they do good? What if they are cruel, mean and nasty?’

‘I believe that on that first primeval beach, when we crawled up that shore we either gave each other a helping fin or we crawled over each other. I believe we held out a fin. That’s our strength – teamwork.’

‘That’s just wishful thinking.’

‘Yes. But it’s based on my own experience. It’s only a minority of people who do all the nasty stuff. Most people would give you help if you needed it. Human nature has a pleasant altruistic side. I put my faith in humanity and education.’

‘So what is the biggest problem we have to solve?’

‘The problems are so interwoven that they are almost impossible to untangle. Whether it’s war, poverty, corporate greed, pollution, climate change or the devastation of the natural environment and slaughter of all the wild creatures. It all has the same roots. For me the biggest and most pressing problem is population control. We have to reduce our numbers to a sustainable level. But in practice we have to address them all at the same time.’

‘And you think that is possible?’

‘Oh yes! Cooperation, unity, and a collective will. We have the science, technology and means to solve all of those problems. We just need equality, stability, unity and the will to address it.’

‘You’ll never get it!’

‘Oh yes we will! Oh yes we will! Because we have to or human beings don’t have a future. Together we can win! Of that I am sure.’

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