Why Labour lost the election.

I have taken a number of days to mull things over and let the dust settle.

The election result was devastating and bizarre. Johnson managed to persuade poor people that, despite the fact that the Tories have been clobbering them for the past ten years, somehow they will best represent their interests.

Here are my views on why Labour lost:

  1. Brexit

Over the course of 40 years the tabloid press have been hammering the EU.  The Brexit vote is in my opinion a disaster for the country and has unleashed the nastiest side of British people. But working class people, having been persuaded to vote Brexit, were now up in arms that their wishes had not been delivered.

Johnson seemed to offer an answer – he would get it done. It did not seem to matter what the effect might be or what type of Brexit; they just wanted it done.

Corbyn was seen as sitting on the fence.

I think Brexit was the biggest factor in this election.

Labour made a big mistake. They should have said they would honour the referendum and go out with a soft Brexit that would not harm jobs or the economy.

2.  Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy is the most unpopular leader in history. One has to ask why?

He has a lot of baggage with his association with Hamas and the IRA.

The Tabloid press and media in general have portrayed him as an extremist, a Marxist and a man who would break the country. Never in history has one man been vilified more.

His leadership has not been good. He has not spoken passionately enough when needed, has not defended his policies or attacked the disastrous Tory record. A true leader would have ripped them to pieces.

I believe Corbyn is a virtuous, mild-mannered man of principle. He cannot handle the media well and has not been good enough as a leader.

3. Anti-Semitism

This needs crushing. It has festered. Corbyn should have apologised and brought in outside people to eradicate it. It showed weak leadership.

4. In-fighting in the Labour Party

Instead of all getting behind their leader they have been fractious and divided. Tolerance of other views has not been present. The party has not settled. We had all the Blair/Brown stupidity, now we have the true Labour/blue Labour division. Jackson stepping down was an example of it.

5. The extreme right-wing Media

Most of the media is right-wing biased. Not surprising as the newspapers are owned by the wealthy elite. Even the BBC board has been loaded with Tories.

For the past five years the Tabloid press has been pouring a non-stop stream of vile and extreme right-wing vitriol against Corbyn and socialism and against the EU. The Headlines and stories have been vitriolic and they have painted a picture that has been constantly reinforced. Corbyn is an extremist monster who would break the country.

I believe they have had a huge impact on the minds of working class people. The Sun, Express and Mail have poisoned minds. I think they had a huge impact.

6. The Policies

I think the manifesto and policies were the best I have ever seen but I think they contributed to the failure. Even though they were costed they were too ambitious. They made people believe the tabloid lies – that Labour would not manage the economy and would break the country.

We do need to reinvest in our public services. The Tories have broken them. Education, the NHS, police, courts, local councils, youth services, prisons, armed forces. They all need proper funding.

We do need to nationalise energy, rail, water and the post office.

We do need to address injustices like the WASPI women.

We do need better infrastructure and broadband.

But if you make too many promises, all costing billions, the public start believing that you won’t be able to do any of it.

Labour should have had a long-term strategy and a short-term strategy. They should have set out a programme to be carried out in stages.

7. The Economy

People still think Labour was responsible for the world-wide recession and poor finances. Labour have to convince people that they can manage the economy. They need to be robust and to highlight the poor management of the economy by the Tories.

8. Momentum

The group has been accused of bully-boy tactics and implicated in some of the anti-Semitism. It needs to clean up its act. It is all to easy to paint them as extremists.

9. Age

Corbyn was seen as being too old.

The Way Forward

Well obviously Jeremy Corbyn has to go. We need a young, passionate, dynamic leader who can deal with all the mess above.

The Tories are a disaster area. They have been responsible for so much damage – from Brexit to the destruction of public services and austerity for the poor. Under them inequality has soared. They should be easy to oust!

Here’s to a bright young leader, a bright future and an end to this Tory rabble!

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