Anecdote – My Grandfather – A Psychic Medium.

Anecdote – My Grandfather – A Psychic Medium.


My Grandfather – A Psychic Medium.

My grandfather was a meter reader for the water board. He became a Psychic Medium.

My mother was a confirmed Spiritualist. She believed in her father and thought you could converse with the dead.

I thought the whole thing was nuts.

My grandfather would go into a trance and talk in a funny voice. He had an American Native Indian Chief – called White Eagle, a china man called Chan and a cheeky cockney and put on voices accordingly. I last saw him when I was fourteen. I found it embarrassing.

My grandfather used to hold séances and healing sessions. He was also a homeopath. He was very successful at it and was able to give up his ‘day job’.

Among his ‘achievements’ was a healing session on a Mr Cuthbert Coulson Pounder, who was famous for designing diesel engines on ships like the liner the Queen Mary. He had terminal, inoperable cancer of the kidneys. He went to my grandfather in desperation. My grandfather held a healing session in which he removed a tumour from Cuthbert’s kidney. Later medical examination confirmed there was no longer a tumour there and Coulson survived for many years. He went on to write a book about my grandfather and grandmother, who my mother swore was the real power in the partnership, entitled ‘Healers from another world’.

I cannot explain this but I still am very skeptical of his activities.

My mother used to regularly go along to the spiritualist church to get ‘readings’ and messages from the dead.

She believed him.

I don’t.

4 thoughts on “Anecdote – My Grandfather – A Psychic Medium.

  1. Hey Opher – as interesting a post this time around as it was the first.

    The book you cite written by Pounder is available at the following link in hardback from Abe Books, ISBN 10: 072230174X / ISBN 13: 9780722301746 :

    I know you to be sceptical of these sort of things, but yet, you readily admit that all things are connected and inextricably interwoven in a mystifying universe still so full of mystery.


      1. Excellent! They’ll make fine gifts. Might you have also included in their present a copy of your Grandfather’s sole surviving ‘lesson’, which you published as a booklette?

        Regards the universe as a mystery, and its unknown complexity as mystifying, I recall a non-fiction title published by Richard Panek, ‘The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality’ in 2011:

        ‘It is one of the most disturbing aspects of our universe: only four per cent of it consists of the matter that makes up every star, planet, and every book. The rest is completely unknown. Acclaimed science writer Richard Panek tells the story of the handful of scientists who have spent the past few decades on a quest to unlock the secrets of “dark matter” and the even stranger substance called “dark energy”. These are perhaps the greatest mysteries in science,and solving them will reshape our understanding of the universe and our place in it. The stakes could not be higher. Panek’s fast-paced narrative, filled with original, in-depth reporting and intimate, behind-the-scenes details, brings this epic story to life for the very first time.’ (Amazon)

        I think Shakespeare had it right when he wrote: ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ (Hamlet)

        Enjoy the mystifying. Have a good day.


      2. Liz is digitalising photos. We are going to present our kids with a photobook of their early years along with important family heritage – like my Grandfathers’ things.
        Yes – the more science finds out the more mystifying it becomes!

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