Tories Reveal their true nature!

  1. Duplicitous 

Pumping out fake news! They doctored a video of Keir Starmer on Good Morning Britain! Shocking misrepresentation.

Then their advert on Universal Credit was banned due to misleading fake news!!

2.  Corruption – Alun Cairns has to resign due to championing someone who deliberately undermined justice in a rape trial.

3. Nasty lack of Compassion

Tory Lord Snooty Rees-Mogg has been shunted into the background following his gross lack of empathy and compassion regarding Grenfell.

These slips and blunders reveal the true nature of these Tories. They lie, obfuscate and really do not care about ordinary people. They really think that we can be duped to vote for them.

We should know our place.

In this campaign we can expect to be deluged with more of this fake news. The model themselves on Trump.

4 thoughts on “Tories Reveal their true nature!

  1. I hope the UK wakes up by the start of December and puts and end to years of the absurd disregard that the Tory party have for anyone that is not rich. I’m done with them and the blind support that they seem to have from intollorant folk. I’m at a point where I’m close to deleting Facebook because the rhetoric that is spouting from the right makes me ashamed to even be human.

    1. Peter – this surge to the right, rise of fascism and the populism of Trump and Farage seems to have reached its high tide. I think it is on the wane.
      I think it was a response to austerity, mass immigration and Muslim extremism.

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