Poetry – Propagation Unit

Propagation Unit


Inside my head’s a propagation unit

Nourished with organic ideas.

I feed in the basic principles

And lo – a story appears!

It churns away, creating for fun.

All I have to do is let it run.

Out of the simplest seeds

It ponders and then proceeds.

But I can’t stop it.

It’s out of control!

There’s no off switch!

It continues to roll!


It is great to constantly harvest

All its varied fruit.

But I need something more practical

Or I’ll end up destitute.

My propagation unit will not rest

It seems to think it’s for the best.

I find myself scribbling to keep up

As it constantly fills up my cup!

But I’ll other things to do –

To ring the kids and clean the loo!


So I’m going to take my wondrous machine in hand!

Constant obsession will be banned!

I will demand that it performs at a convenient time!

The middle of the night is simply a crime!

It sits in there and with electricity glistens!

The trouble is that it never listens!


Opher 12.10.2019

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