Poetry – Strife – a poem about living your life in a way that improves the world.

Poetry – Strife – a poem about living your life in a way that improves the world.

I was listening to Bob Marley on the radio. It seemed to me that he made equality, freedom and justice the centre of his being and expressed it in all he did.

It was inspiring.

You can live your life happily and express your philosophy in all you do, with a smile.

For love, smiling and friendliness is not weakness and some things are even worth putting your life at risk for.

Tolerance, freedom, justice, equality and fairness are merely words. They implicitly carry respect and responsibility within their compass. But when those words are put into practice they produce happiness, harmony and love.

That’s the future I fight for with every word.

I won’t impose my views on you if you refrain from imposing yours. To argue is good. To listen is better. To respect each other is necessary.

I want freedom with a smile; tolerance with respect and no indoctrination.

I want humans living in harmony with the planet.

That seems worth basing your philosophy on.


All my life is strife

Until I achieve my aims.

For my philosophy has energy

With which to play the games.

Equality and frivolity

Go hand in hand;

Connecting a great wisdom

To the zest of the gland.

Freedom we feed on

As we strive to be heard.

For the power of a bomb

Is less than of a single word.

Tolerance is no offence

It is the basis of what is right.

To impose your will on others

Is not even polite.

Peace, love and happiness –

A cliché it is true.

But one on which to base a life;

A future for the world and you.

There is no rest

Until all wrongs are right.

Until that day

All life is a fight.

Opher 13.7.2015

20 thoughts on “Poetry – Strife – a poem about living your life in a way that improves the world.

      1. I don’t get online often enough to be able to comment, but I have been reading your work since I first came to Word Press in 2018. Keep going!! 😀

      2. Much happiness to you in your life!🙂 I better get some sleep now, it’s 1:18 am here in California. Busy day tomorrow… But I love keeping busy!

      3. Thank you Other! I moved to the mountains of Northern California 10 years ago. It is so peaceful up here! I lived in the Bay Area all my life before the big move. The city became over crowded and full of gangs and hatred, and angry people. I never imagined that I would witness so much violence and turmoil in a once charming place!! Take it easy! Have a beautiful day!☀️

      4. I visited SF in 1971. It was past its best but there was still a nice vibe there and we made some good friends. We hitched to Pfieffer State Beach and unrolled our sleeping bags in Big Sur. Magical. I worked in LA as a teacher in 1979/80 and we travelled extensively – going back to SF. The last time I went back to SF was about seven years ago. Caught a Grateful Dead (Furthur) concert at Bill Graham’s.

      5. Big Sur! Yes, magical!! San Francisco is still a very popular tourist attraction, but the presence of elegance has sadly faded.The sign of the times definetly shows! Love concerts! And I get a kick out of the surrounding concert goers who are aging “Gracefully”! 😉 Concerts are so much fun! The last two concerts that I drove down to see(Bay Area) were U2 360 tour, and one year later, Aerosmith. (icons you know) 🙂 Thank you O. for the small chat…

      6. Yes I still love concerts too! I went to a great one in a small club last week! I like getting right to the front! Getting old but still rockin’! I plan on ageing disgracefully!

      7. Oh ((Opher)) I’m so sorry about my misunderstanding of your ‘disgraceful’ remark!! I read it as you being a ‘bad boy’, ‘too much fun’ response. “Long live the struggle”! ❤️ It can most certainly keep everyone on their toes!! I’m going to always remember your quote!☀️

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