A Democracy is only as good as the news and information!

The first thing to suffer in war is the truth.

A democracy depends on information and news being accurate and unbiased.

Unfortunately that is never the case. All news and information has bias. One has to read between the lines and gain a range of views.

A widely read man or woman is a wise man or woman.

In Britain our news is probably better than most.

The BBC has a bias. As long as one knows that it is possible to gain insight. Channel 4 is maybe better but still has a bias.

Our newspapers have a full range.

Newspapers such as the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express are not purveyors of news. They are scurrilous propaganda machines who should be prosecuted over the foul lies they drip-feed into peoples’ minds.

The Telegraph is another right-wing paper that is a little better.

The Times is more upmarket but has the same right-wing bias.

The Daily Mirror is slightly better but still more of a celebrity rag.

The Guardian is OK as is the Independent but I have taken to reading the I.

If democracy is dependent on unbiased news and information we are in big trouble. The establishment runs the media.

10 thoughts on “A Democracy is only as good as the news and information!

  1. How true. I thought the Spanish Press was better as there is so much more fact based articles but very little on the environment. However, a Spanish friend enlightened me as to the bias!

    1. Hi Georgina – I am afraid that it is always the wealthy who run the media. We just have to know where it is coming from to read between the lines.

      1. Critical? Trevor reads a blog by someone who was ‘banned’ from the Guardian who lives in Bethlehem. An interesting perspective not often heard on the state of Israel.

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