Roll Up!! Roll Up!! – a poem

Roll Up!! Roll Up!!


Roll Up!! Roll Up!!

The rich need your money!

It’s in a good cause!

You don’t need that pay rise

Put it on pause!


Roll Up!! Roll Up!!

Dump your union

Why pay union dues??

They’re a bunch of commies

You’re bound to lose!


Roll Up!! Roll Up!!

The wealthy need your cash!

Without their investment

To pay for your job

It’s your will and testament.


Roll Up!! Roll Up!!

You’ve got to know your place.

You live to be abused.

You can work twice as hard

Be glad that you are used.


Opher 13.2.2019

I wrote this for the Americans who think socialism and fairness is a commie plot that leads straight to tyranny. The Americans who think trade unions are also a commie plot that robs jobs. The Americans who think the rich deserve their huge rewards. The Americans who are happy with their lot and think it’s the best in the world – even when it so obviously isn’t!

After all – When we are free who needs reasonable pay, maternity leave, holidays or sickness benefits. We’re just lucky to be used!

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