A few Photos of exotic birds from Townsville in OZ.

So sorry to hear of Townsville suffering such terrible flooding. We had a great time there.

Here’s few of the bird photos I took:

18 thoughts on “A few Photos of exotic birds from Townsville in OZ.

  1. You would not recognise Townsville now, Opher. They have had the worst flooding in 100 years. Over a billion dollars in damages, properties and businesses lost by the hundreds, 2 lives lost. Thousands have been evacuated with many having no homes to return to once the flood waters have gone down. Further inland drought affected farms have been flooded and thousands if not millions of livestock and wildlife drowned.

      1. It is. Very scary if you are in the midst of one. Have been in Qld a few times during floods but never one this bad. Last one like this was 100 years ago. They get a lot of tropical cyclones along the coast

      2. Hi Raili, I’ve been in a few tropical storms in Australia and Brazil. Even had one in Baton Rouge. Quite a torrent. But I imagine that what has hit Oz was even greater than that! Poor people (and animals).

      3. Yes, now that the waters are receding, the real cost and devastation is beginning to be revealed. Where my parents lived in Gympie, flooding is a regular annual event. For some unknown reason the CBD is in the lowest point of the city – so the main street floods every time the waters rise. the locals are used to it and just get on with it. Having said that, this flooding in Nth Qld is the worst in 100 years.

      4. It can’t be easy to live like that, Raili. I remember going down one of the tributaries to the Mekong. All the houses were up on stilts because of the perennial flooding. I suppose people get used to it. Part of the year they got around in boats.

      5. queenslanders are built on stilts and cyclone proofed. And Darwin, after Cyclone Tracy, brought in new building regulations to cyclone proof buildings. Its just a fact of life there.

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