Gross Inequality and the Health of Society.

I believe that extreme capitalism has resulted in wealth being stolen from the middle and lower classes through excessive pay and obscene bonuses.

They have used the system to legally steal. The result is that, while the country’s wealth increases, the wealth is siphoned off to the top 10%. 90% of the population are being exploited.

Extreme inequality means that the uber-rich are receiving far too large a section of the pie. The rest are struggling.

This is not only unfair; it is morally corrupt. The system, set up by the wealthy, is nothing short of blatant robbery.

I believe the best way to address this unethical inequality is to put a stop to the tax loopholes and to bring in a graduated tax so that the uber-rich contribute more for the good of society.

At present we have a society that is based on corruption, exploitation and gross inequality. I do not believe that is fair, just or healthy. I would prefer to live in a society that was more compassionate and fair.

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