In Need of a Nurse – a poem

In Need of a Nurse


Bonobos, tigers, rhinos and whales,

Elephants, gorillas, orangutans and quails,

Shot at, butchered, ousted and worse;

The whole wide world is in need of a nurse.


There’ madness at work

As we murder and kill

As we flatten the forests

And hunt for a thrill.


There’s meanness at work

As we shovel the cash

With no thought for the future

As we pile up our stash.


I ask you how things could get much worse?

Humanity’s sick

Send for the nurse!


Opher 3.2.2019

10 thoughts on “In Need of a Nurse – a poem

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    If only there was then the world would be a far better place for the vast majority to live in.

    Good to hear you are keeping busy and progressing the writing…I take it you’re editing God’s Bolt having had it returned from the first editor? Or have you moved on from that?

    Not to bad here: first sight of light at tunnel’s end but still a small way to go. I’m having a full day off from ‘obligation and responsibility’ so time for a wee catch-up on-line.

    I see postings of your world-tour are continuing nicely 🙂

    Have been watching the Nightflyers series on Netflix – a science fiction horror novella by George R. R. Martin – which has some fascinating aspects to it. Knowing you enjoy sci-fi, it’s worth a watch.

    Enjoy your day!

    Namaste 🙂


    1. Dewin – the world sure is in a mess and needs an inoculation.

      I receive the book back from my editor who suggested a major restructure and a couple of additional sections. All made sense so I’m in the throes of doing that. A bit more major than I had thought! But I think it will be the better for it!

      Glad you are seeing some light ahead. What are your plans?

      I’ll look out for that Nightflyers series on Netflix. Time is of the essence at the moment.

      All the best

  2. Namaste Opher 🙂

    Political craziness continues unabated both here and in the EU and also on the dark-side of the great puddle in the U.S. Is there no end to the madness inflicted on the world by twisted self-serving minds with an insidious propensity for an abstract notion called money?

    Do I take it you agreed with all the editor’s feedback and recommendations? Sounds as if you have a lot to do but are seemingly enthused by the task ahead of you, which is a good sign. Not like you to back-down from a writing challenge 🙂

    Not sure of plans as yet….still a little undecided whilst things are up in the air. I probably need a holiday and chance to switch off a little. Writing’s taken a back seat for the time being, which grates on me but ce la vie.

    I think you’ll enjoy Nightflyers: it’s episodic so won’t take up too much of your time.

    I see you’ve had a re-Blog on:

    Happy writing! Namaste 🙂


    1. Dewin – ‘Everything passes, Everything changes. Just do what you think you should do.’ – BD

      I did see the logic of it. It is hard to take on board criticism and put a lot of time and effort in for marginal return – but then that’s what editors are for – they bring objectivity – and a small improvement is still an improvement. I’m grateful.

      My grandfather’s writings seem to have sparked some interest on Amazon. Interesting.

      Yes – take a break – but not too long. Have you found my book yet? I’m still dying to hear.

      I didn’t know about the reblog – always nice.

      Back to work!!

      1. Namaste Opher 🙂

        As I always say, it is the rate of progressive change in the world that is concerning, it’s far to slow and clumsy and still impeded by dinosaur mentalities. But yes, BD (whoever that is?) makes a valid point: each and everyone of us has a personal responsibility ‘to be the change we want to see happen in the world’.

        I agree with what you say about the role, purpose and usefulness of having an editor, and I’m pleased you are responding positively to it. I guess my next question is then, ‘have you learnt’ from their feedback and if so how will that acquired knowledge influence your future writing?

        Curiously enough I was going to ask about your grandfather’s writing 🙂 Pleased to hear it’s performing well 🙂 The dawning of the Age of Aquarius finds human-kind universally hungry for a really satisfying spiritual ‘truth’: your grandfather’s writing is certainly a step in this direction. I found his words fascinating.

        Agreed, it won’t be a long break, but a break all the same. I’ve a feeling two boxes of possessions were misplaced in the move. I’ve one final place to check – this weekend – and if not there, then boxes are lost. Keep fingers crossed.

        I was pleased your poem was re_blogged. I like BW’s (paddypicasso) writing style….it unfolds like a stream of consciousness or a meandering stream: lyrical and melodic.

        Yep back to work for you! I’m sipping coffee whilst considering how large a slice of cake to cut next lol 🙂

        Catch ya later. Namaste 🙂


      2. Sorry – Bob Dylan – from For Ramona – a beautiful poetic song about racist prejudice.
        One should always try and respond positively and I usually manage it. This was a bit of a big change though – it’s taking me into a raft of work and pushed my limits. I think it’s working though. My head hurts!
        I hope you find your boxes!
        Keep the coffee coming!!

      3. Ah, Bob Dylan, thank you 🙂

        If your head hurts then you’re working hard and being stretched, which are good signs. Don’t overdo it or fry the little grey cells! 🙂

        I hope I find the boxes! One of them has most my camera kit in it. Thankfully I packed the camera, lenses and tripod separately in a padded bag.

        Coffee is always flowing! The cake was excellent: chocolate custard as well 😀

        Catch up soon!

        Namaste 🙂


        P.S: I’m not sure why but for some reason I don’t get notifications from your Blog when you respond to my comments?

  3. Dewin – it’s OK – I think I’ve broken the back of it! It is very hard for me to judge how well it flows. I might now print it out and read again.
    Moving is such a trauma. I hope you find your stuff. We’re now fully settle in but it took two years! The stuff that is accumulated through life!
    The vagaries of WordPress I guess.
    All the best Dewin – have a good day!

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