A summary of my views on Socialism, Capitalism, Globalisation, Poverty and A/I.

From my point of view:

Liberalism is neither socialist nor communist.

Socialist is not communist.

We have never had a communist state yet. We have only ever had totalitarian tyrannies posing as communist.

Democratic Socialism has worked very well a number of times in Britain (always undermined by the media (owned by the wealthy elite) and further undermined by the money markets (controlled by the wealthy elites)).

Democratic Socialism is working very well in Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

McCarthy used propaganda to create a knee-jerk response of all Americans towards Socialism and Communism. They are seen as the same thing. they are not.

Unrestrained capitalism is creating massive inequality and leaving many people in dire straits through no fault of their own.

Globalism is rampant with multinationals avoiding taxes, moving operations into the Third World to cut costs and leaving Western working classes in the lurch.

Third World countries are being economically exploited (workforce – low standards of health & safety, low wages, poor working conditions, low environmental standards) with bribes, corruption and dictators bought off to create big profits.

A/I will make matters far worse as more wealth is funnelled to the wealthy owners, far fewer workers are required and the surplus workforce are dumped into unemployment or low-pay jobs on zero hours contracts with no future, struggling to survive.

The system is run by the wealthy for the wealthy.

Unless there are international constraints the bulk of the population is doomed to a miserable existence and the environment is going to be destroyed.

I contend that we need a fairer, more compassionate system that controls globalisation and A/I for the benefit of everyone.

4 thoughts on “A summary of my views on Socialism, Capitalism, Globalisation, Poverty and A/I.

    1. Hi Grog – Yes I would agree that I would like to see the end of religions but I also would like to practice tolerance and don’t think the Uighurs should be persecuted.

      1. The big picture here is important. The west press seems to have demonized what they are calling re-education. For the CCP it is to eliminate all social disorder. To me it is an experiment in eliminating belief in a higher power. check it out GROG

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