Surprising range in most popular posts of last year!

I think that at the start of the year it is a good time to review one’s life.

It is also a good time to review my blog. I started this blog in May 2014. So I suppose one could say that I’m into my sixth year of blogging! Yippppee!!

I’ve published 6622 posts! That’s quite a few.

The most popular ones last year show quite an amazing range. I was quite struck when I looked at them:

The God Helmet – Religion

A Senior’s perspective of Facebook – Humour

Linton Kwesi Johnson – All wi doin’ is defendin’ – Reggae

What is the perfect education – Education

Who am I? – The Blogger

Michael Smith – Mi cy-aan believe it – Reggae

About Opher’s World – the Blogger

Mark E. Smith Quotes – Rock Music

Poetry – My Culture – Poetry

The choice between Labour and Tories – Politics

George Bernard Shaw quotes – Literature

That’s quite a range isn’t it? I like that!

So thank you to all my thousands of followers. I appreciate each and every one of you! Please keep following, pressing the like button and commenting (particularly commenting – you don’t seem very good at that!)

Thank you for buying my books! If you enjoy them please leave a review on Amazon!

Your support keeps me writing!

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