Louisiana Alligators!

I found it really good to be able to get out into the bayous and see the alligators up close. Some of them are real big.
I got to hold a baby. It was really heavy! These are solid creatures!

6 thoughts on “Louisiana Alligators!

  1. Those are some magnificent looking creatures! Even with that small one though, I’d be scared crapless of losing a couple fingers, or getting their momma pissed or something.

    1. Juan – wouldn’t go near those big ones. They are dangerous. They’d eat you up. The small one was OK though. He seemed very docile. He let me pick him up and wasn’t at all aggressive. His mum was not around. Though I think he was big enough to be on his own. She’d probably done her job and left him to it.

    1. I think he was just well fed and used to being handled. I think it would be very hard to tell a sedated alligator from an unsedated one. They just sit their motionless – until they move!

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