My belief – The Zeitgeist – we can change the world.

Positive vibes!!

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I am a very happy, contented, positive character. (Contrary to what many of you may glean from some of my writing).

I am an eternal optimist.

I believe we can solve every problem and make the world perfect. We have the intelligence and problem solving capacity.

I believe in the zeitgeist.

I am not religious – I am an antitheist – I believe religions have created immense harm and are all manufactured by people. I do not believe in God or at least any force that you would recognise as god.

I am a scientist.

I am a scientist who believes that we are only at the beginning of understanding the universe and our own minds. We have much to learn.

I believe that somehow our mental processes produce as yet undiscovered emanations that affect everyone around us. It joins us together into an intermeshing network of minds; we swim…

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6 thoughts on “My belief – The Zeitgeist – we can change the world.

  1. Far too many “I’s”, makes it look like narcissism.

    Should that read as “I am a scientist with a very basic qualification”?
    One that appears not to have been expanded upon. Real scientists of any worth and standing don’t tend to settle for teaching jobs in secondary school level. At least that is my understanding as a university lecturer in physics, specialising in Principle Quantum Physics – not my favourite strand of physics but we both came to an understanding after a while and I became suitably conversant.

      1. Any perceived snobbery has nothing to do with the overall standard of secondary school teaching, but the level it attains. I feel that with a bit more concerted effort that level could be greatly improved upon. In my field, I am certainly lucky as I am getting the cream of the crop. Quantum Physics is not for the average science student.
        You deal in averages, I do not. Hence, my opinion, a quantifiable and qualified opinion.

      2. I am not responsible for the overall standard of secondary education but I was for the standard in my school and it was second to none. I saw it through three successive Outstanding Ofsteds and my students were yup there at Oxbridge with the best. I know exactly how to get the best out of all abilities of students. Our success was right across the spectrum of ability.
        No – there is no justification for arrogance. Quantum Physics doesn’t make you a superior human being – just better than others in one narrow area.

  2. I totally believe that you are an optimist and a positive person. I am a disciple of Jesus and I agree with you that human-manufactured religion has done do much harm in the world. I also believe that there are more good people in the world than bad ones and, diverse as we all are, we can work together for the good of our precious planet. I also have a passion for science and find it exciting that we are learning new things every day about how our world/universe works.

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