Brexit – What the people in Beverley Think!

Beverley in the strongly Leave East Riding of Yorkshire has changed its mind!!

Beverley does not want any part of Boris and Mogg’s nightmare or May’s Deal!! They want to stay.

Here’s the results of the Street Polling!!

When presented with a simple choice of three options Beverley people show they have radically changed their mind.

They think May and her government have made a complete mess of things. They Think Boris and Mogg led them up the garden path.


It is utterly decisive!! Stay got double the votes of Leave!!

We want a peoples vote! We want to end this costly mess and get the country back on track!

2 thoughts on “Brexit – What the people in Beverley Think!

  1. Oops, first posted in wrong bit.

    Beverley is a little town of absolutely no intrinsic worth with a population of less than 30,000 people, not all of who can vote.
    Big deal. Go up the coast just a bit and you’ll find that little local poll of yours completely decimated from the results from all the fishing towns.

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