The Will of the People!!

We are constantly being told by aggressive Brexiteers that we’ve had the vote it is the will of the people!


The will of the people is to remain in the EU. Brexiteers are scared of a second vote because they know they’d lose it heavily. People have seen through their lies. The glorious Brexit they were promised it unobtainable. The Brexit we would get will break the country for nothing.

A recent YouGov poll showed exactly what the will of the people was. The Brexiteer areas were reduced to a few hardline Tory areas!

600 constituencies want to Remain

30 want to leave with No Deal

2 want to leave with May’s Deal.

People have woken up to the appalling incompetence of the whole government Brexit negotiations. They have woken up to the bonkers position of the extreme right Brexiteers.

The people want an end to this farce. They want to stay in the EU! That’s the will of the people!

6 thoughts on “The Will of the People!!

  1. Beverley is a little town of absolutely no intrinsic worth with a population of less than 30,000 people, not all of who can vote.
    Big deal. Go up the coast just a bit and you’ll find that little local poll of yours completely decimated from the results from all the fishing towns.

    1. Beverley is a small town. But it was a big leaver town. Not any more. It is the same pattern over most of the country. The little green areas, the only ones left, are the hard-right ultra conservative areas. YouGov has polled all over the place.
      The will of the people has totally changed. They want to remain. They’ve seen through the lies.
      If you are that sure – lets have a vote and see! That’s democracy!

  2. I’ve simply no idea where you get your ideas from. Comments like “The Brexiteer areas were reduced to a few hardline Tory areas!” are completely false.
    You’re simply making things up to suit your dialogue spiel.
    All your nonsense about “extreme right” is complete crap.
    Your entire gambit is complete crap.

    1. Did you look at the map Sarah? I don’t think you did. The polling across the country shows quite clearly that the majority have changed their mind. Look at it!

      1. Your map of what? What some loser Remainers would like it to be? That’s all it is. It has no more worth than toilet roll.
        Opher, Let me ask you this. How many times have these bloody polls turned out wrong? Please, think about that. I rest my case. You poll is a load of meaningless bollocks. You last straw clutchers do make me laugh. A ridiculous bunch of nincompoops pissing down each other legs in hysterical insanity.

      2. Just like Trump. The experts talk out of their arses don’t they? No – if it doesn’t suit you it’s wrong. Except it is manifestly obvious that the majority of people don’t want this destructive mess. They aren’t stupid.

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