Leviathan – a poem



At peace,

Serenely cruising,


In no hurry.

Effortlessly gliding along,

Lost in the quiet.

Thinking thoughts,

Lost in wonder,

In the moment of being,

Composing songs

To gently croon

Across the vastness

Of oceans

To family and friends.


At peace,

With no enemies,

No need for technology,

No need for weapons.

Traversing the globe,

In no hurry.

To the icy poles

To languidly feed

On the vast shoals,

The plentiful bounty,

Until sated.

Then to the shallow lagoons

To gleefully meet,

To frolic in the warmth

Of friendship,

To mate

And give birth.

To play.

A life of ease.


At peace.

Back to now,

To be one with the oceans,

To add to the song

Of life.

Under the stars,

The sun and moon.

In freedom.

A free spirit,

A guru of the unfathomable,

Chaser of mysteries,

An aesthete who craves


A wonderer.

A wanderer.

A mystic of the deep.





Who knows what giant thoughts go on in the minds of such huge brains?

They have chosen a life of serenity. Not the hustle and bustle of cities but the quiet solitude of being at one with nature.

They live in a world without danger, without enemies and without limits. Food is plentiful. There is no need to shelter from the elements, to hunt, to starve.

They have no need for weapons, shelters or armies, for possessions, work or ownership. They have no war, crime or endless toil. They do not have to scratch a living out of a difficult terrain. They have all they need.

It is a quiet life of contemplation, composing intricate melodies to share across oceans.

They are exquisite musicians, artists and procrastinators.

Their garret is the sea.

They have all they could ever want.

They lived in their millions. There were estimated to have been a million and a half blue whales.

Then came man.

8 thoughts on “Leviathan – a poem

  1. Namaste Opher πŸ™‚

    Majestic, serenely beautiful – I had no idea they evolved from land-living mammals. Your poem is a wonderful tribute to them as to your contemplative prose.

    Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. Again agreed! There is much work to be done…we may not be able to fully undo the damage we have already done, but certainly high-degrees of reparation are possible. Humankind have to lose their self-centred greed, and world government their self-serving capitalist agenda. The Establishment sets the precedent but Nature cannot wait for their ilk to have vision…they’ve been to blind to see for hundreds and hundreds of years already.

        Namaste πŸ™‚


  2. It drives me up the wall Opher! Humankind is stumbling as might an infant totter before teetering, being led around-and-around the same circling path, repeating the same mistakes it always has — an endless cycle driven by the insidious propensity for greed, money, power and domination over others. It’s madness! By rights we should have already evolved to colonise new worlds in far flung galaxies, but in truth we’ve not progressed, not evolved, not risen from the shadow of our reptilian selves – mere savages living in caves!

    When will people wake from sleep to see the reality of what is truly going on!? When will the Lion roar!?

    Namaste πŸ™‚


    1. A.J.P.Taylor, the Historian, was asked when the Dark Ages ended. His reply was that we are still living them. I agree. We are still in the age of ignorance, stupidity and violence. The world is run by greed and selfishness with a big dollop of lust for power.
      It is time we all stood up for better ideals, a more moral stance and grew up!

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