The Fog of Brexit behind which the Tories have been dismantling the country.

As the media obsesses with Brexit the government has literally got away with murder. Their policies really are killing people.

The rolling out of universal credit is putting poor people into crisis. It is pushing people over the edge.
The cuts to the NHS, the shortage of doctors and nurses, closure of wards and closures of A&E centres, is putting lives at risk.

The cuts to police services has reduced detection rates, reduced police numbers and seen a huge rise in violent crimes, knife crime and murder rates.

The loss of youth services has put vulnerable youth out on the streets with the gangs, drugs and crime.
Under the guise of austerity, the Tories have run down education, councils and infrastructure.

Yet there is money for tax cuts for the rich and tax cuts for corporations which clearly demonstrate to me where their priorities lay. This is ideological. They are there for the elite not the ordinary person.

In the normal course of events the media would have been focussing on these issues – Education, Police, The Armed Forces, Pot-holes in roads, the Railways, the NHS, Mental Health Services, the loss of Libraries and Youth Services, the Courts, Prisons, and the rise in rough sleeping would have all been front-page news. Because Brexit has dominated the front page these important issues have been put into lesser prominence inside.

The Tories have got away with murder!

4 thoughts on “The Fog of Brexit behind which the Tories have been dismantling the country.

  1. All true. Except I disagree with the word ideology to justify such a simple policy of fleecing and gauging all the money they can for the elite. I always wondered how they could ever have gotten away with the term trickle down economics.

      1. Trickle by definition tells you that the guys on the bottom only get a trickle. That exec at CBS who harassed women, just lost his severance package. I myself never got any severance packages, not even two week’s pay. This guy’s planned package was for 120 million dollars. Yeah, what do you call it?

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