So the Story goes – a poem

So the story goes


There are rape gangs grooming kids.

There are terrorists in every nook.

We are flooded with armies of immigrants

Intent on imposing Sharia law.

They are subverting our values!

Imposing their fanaticism!

So the story goes!


The authorities,

Shackled by PC

Are scared of being called racist

And refuse to act.

So the story goes.


Tommy Robinson is the peoples’ champ,

The exposer of Muslim atrocities.

So the story goes.


This is the narrative

That streams out

Of the far-right

Propaganda sites.

The exaggerations

That takes the seeds of real problems

And blows them up

Into nightmares

To generate fear and hatred.

So the fake news goes.


Opher 7.12.2018



Within this battle of extremes lies the real truth. There are big problems that need confronting and dealing with.

What we do not need are the fanatics that would light the blue touch-paper for their own ends.

Some people benefit from sowing the seeds of fear and hate.

How much did Tommy Robinson crowd-fund?

5 thoughts on “So the Story goes – a poem

  1. You rteally are a fool weho likes to lieabout the TRUTH oif whats happening in Great Britain well we k now that you are not Loyal to this Coiuyntrey you love the EU so much but refuse to live there. Why it is Opher that you REFUSE to admit the TRUTH about H

    1. Anna – the last thing I am is a fool. Unlike you I have not been duped by the fascists.
      Obviously I do live in the EU. It’s people like you who want to stop me doing that.
      The truth about H????
      I would ask why you, who travels very little, think you have a better handle on things than me, who travels around a lot?
      This is not a matter of truth – it is a matter of opinion. The big trouble is that you really believe you are speaking the truth!!

  2. Apologies for the above typing too fast. So I will start again you really are a fool who likes to lie about the TRUTH of whats happening in Great Britain, well we all know you are not Loyal to this Country you love the EU so much but refuse to live there. When you are tackled on anything you refuse to answer for you can’t admit the Truth. Why is it Opher that you refuse to admit to the TRUTH about Corbyn and the fact that everyone except you and the other lefties who will not take the blinkers off, know that Corbyn/McDonnell and the Henchmen and the rest are ANTI-SEMITICS and support Terrorist Groups such as the IRA/HAMAS/HEZBOLLAH, that Corbyn’s Son “Tommy” associates with Extremists and you talk YET AGAIN AND AGAIN your fixation (quite unhealthy in fact) about T Robinson, such a hypocrite you are, now lets see what else about Corbyn’s lot you don’t admit oh yes Osamor MP who threatened to punch a journalist in the face with a bat, the fact she used TAXPAYERS money to pay her Convicted Drug Dealing Son she gave a job to and free reign to the Houses of Parliament, the fact that you don’t accept the DEMOCRATIC right for people who Voted to Leave the EU, the majority WON do you understand that or not? You criticise and mock people who believe in the Christian Faith, you mock the fact of Christmas Midnight Mass, well there are people who believe and will always believe in the Christian Faith and God, I know how you hate God, what a loss for you. You even mock those that took time and money to buy you a Christmas gift that you don’t want, how ungrateful is that. Did your wife take time and money buying your grandchildren Christmas gifts, will they mock them? like you denying because of your politics and stubbornness your Parents the pleasure of seeing you receiving your Degree at University, but I bet you anything if your kids got degrees you have pictures with you with them doing so. You don’t check your facts you just pontificate and by the way Opher try being original will you, I am supposed to be flattered am I, that as soon as I put something out you have to come out with something which is so clearly aimed at me and an attack on me for what I have more or less just written too obvious Opher. You have an intense HATRED for anything that is not agreeable to you, you must be right all the time, rather sad I find.
    The fact that you have constantly DENIED that there are Girls White and Pakistani who are GANG RAPED BY MUSLIM PAEDOPHILE RAPE GANGS, the World knows this with the exception of you would you like to confront those girls their families face to face and call them liars like you have and are calling me. You choose to deny this is happening, then why have some been convicted, the rest are known to the police but the orders are “don’t touch them” why do you think there is uproar about this. You no doubt deny the fact that some of these innocent girls made pregnant by these scum now have to face legal cases as these rapists want access to these babies. You deny these RAPES you make yourself look a fool. My Sons last night witnessed two girls running screaming from a shop chasing a Pakistani man, two security men ran out from another shop tackled this Pakistani to the floor and held him down as the police were called for, more girls/women emerged from the shop all crying screaming that this pakistani had been sexually molesting them, does not happen does it, well it does even in the small Seaside Town I live in, but then I suspect you will suggest my Sons have lied too along with the girls/women and two security men. As much as you blame people who don’t agree with your Corbyn and the ANTI-SEMITIC Party for all the World’s problems you are happy how pathetic you can’t face facts. I suspect you are also denying that the people of France are fighting for their Country along with Sweden and Germany and the rest. The Truth is the Left/Liberals have destroyed the World, which thank God so many are waking up to the fact what they have done. The fight has just begun, you can call me Racist/Fascist/Liar/Extreme Right Wing/Blackshirt oh yes I must not forget Blackshirt you don’t know your history do you after all Blackshirts were the lot you support Opher the ANTI-SEMITICS under Corbyn, Sir Oswald Moseley Leader of the Blackshirts, check that one out. So before you start with all the lies again get your facts right, but then there are always people who would rather listen to lies than the TRUTH are there not.

    1. Good heavens Anna – what a rant.
      You obviously either do not read or deliberately misunderstand what I write about.
      The Left has destroyed the world??
      As I repeatedly say – give me an example of where Corbyn has been anti-Semitic. You won’t find one.
      You are merely reciting far-right propaganda. What has happened to you?

    2. Anna – you really do not know what you are talking about. The Blackshirts were the vile British Fascists under the leadership of Mosley (based on the Italian Blackshirt fascists of Mussolini and allied to Hitler). Moseley was the Tommy Robinson of his day – a populist Nazi. The blackshirts were right-wing fascists – similar to the extremists of The Tory and UKIP parties – nothing to do with Labour. Labour and the left opposed their strutting, racist crap. We had to fight a world war to rid ourselves of that scum and now they are marching again with their Islamophobia and Anti-Semitic garbage.
      You need to get real and wake up.

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