Botched and Bungled – a poem

Botched and Bungled


Botched, bungled, Brexit

Bashing Britain!


Emotive, effusive, embroiled,

Epochal and unethical.


Divided, dangerous, damnable,

Dastardly and demoralizing.


Fake, fraudulent, faltering,

Faulty and fractious.


In short – it stinks.


Opher 7.12.2018



What a big mistake! To be driven by fear and hatred to vote Brexit; to be harking back to times that never existed – the dark days of poverty, racism and social inequality.

What a mistake to make the country poorer and weaker so that our children and grandchildren inherit a worse country!

What a mistake to allow these ideological politicians to destroy our public services, make money out of us and screw the poor.

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