What is Democracy? Do we want it?

Democracy? That is easy – one person one vote.
But not quite as easy. What we have is representative democracy. Instead of all of us being able to vote on every issue (which we could do with the technology we have) we elect representatives to do the voting for us.
This is quite good if we elect the right people. Those people can check everything out in a way that most of us can’t – because we don’t have access to all the information and do not have the time – and vote wisely.
I used to like democracy but I’ve lost a lot of faith in it.
We never seem to have candidates who represent my views to choose from.
Those candidates are not what they seem.
There is too much corruption.
The representatives are bought off by vested interest – the rich and wealthy.
Power goes to the head.
To put the power directly in the hands of the public is also fraught:
It puts power in the hands of the ill-informed.
The stupid have as much influence as the intelligent.
The media misinforms people.
The media is controlled by the rich and wealthy.

Having said all that I do believe that we do have many politicians who are dedicated and honest. There is not any other system that is better.

What I would like is complete transparency, a way of taking money and lobbying out of the system, and an unbiased, objective media.

4 thoughts on “What is Democracy? Do we want it?

  1. I’m not sure what the answer is, Opher, but what we have now isn’t working for anyone’s benefit except the 1%. Now that we have the technology, I think it is time to return to direct democracy and retire the worthless politicians. You guys did that with Brexit. Now I think that the deal with the EU should be voted upon the same way. There’s a lot at stake and I don’t think the UK or any nation is safe in the hands of the privileged few.

    By the way, I watched PM May delay the vote on the Brexit deal on TV earlier today. I was dismayed to see that your Commons is as rude, disrespectful, and rowdy as its Canadian counterpart in Ottawa. This is what we pay our elected representatives to do? The Speaker should have a gun and fire it into the ceiling at the first rude outburst then announce the next heckler will be shot. I’m not a fan of PM May, but I detest disrespectful behaviour. Cheers!

    1. Hi John – tempers run high. Everything is heated. It is an absolute mess. The whole two years of referendum and negotiations has been totally botched.
      The commons are an unruly rabble. This is meant to be an example of how to behave? It is disgusting!
      May has lost all credibility. She hasn’t even got a majority in her own party. I think we need a general election and a people’s vote to sort out the mess this government has contrived!

      1. You have my sympathy, good sir. The Brexit situation is being closely watched on this side of the pond. The fear here is that Brexit will weaken the European allies and play right into Putin’s hands.

      2. Unfortunately Cameron put party before country, May put party before country and every one of them has made a pig’s ear of it.
        As soon as they agreed the vote the damage was done.

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