Oh Shit!! Pete Shelley’s Dead!!

A few years ago I was living in a hiatus of great bands. The Magic Band, Love, the Fall and the Buzzcocks were all touring. Then it fell apart – Rockette Morton with heart surgery, Arthur Lee died, Mark E Smith died and now Pete Shelley!

What a great loss.. Pete was a master of lyrics and produced a string of high energy Punk classics. He brought a different craft to Punk.

Live they were a high energy act who always delivered and got the crowd rockin’.

Pete was also a really nice friendly guy. There was no front. On a few occasions I was sitting around in his dressing room after a gig chatting. He was always open and welcoming.

I’ll sure miss him! There’s not many left!

Goodbye Pete and thanks!

2 thoughts on “Oh Shit!! Pete Shelley’s Dead!!

  1. You’ve literally just broke this news for me Opher, so very sad to hear.

    “Why Can’t I Touch It” is my favourite which, I only realised in the last few years, was rooted in Magic Band’s “Kandy Korn” (despite owning both for a few decades!)

    RIP Pete Shelley

    1. Rebel – yes indeed a sad day. Our heroes are dropping like flies. We are all the poorer for it.
      I shall miss him. That’s another band I’ll never see again now. I’m becoming impoverished.
      Thanks for pointing that out. I never noticed the connection to Kandy Korn.

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