Warm Reception for Michelle Obama!

It was great to see the enthusiastic responses for Michelle Obama in the school she attended and at her Royal Festival Hall event.

I could not help but contrast it with the reception for Donald Trump.

She spoke eloquently with humility, intelligence and piercing observation.

He speaks rudely, crudely with crassness and belligerence.

One was an inspiration and the other an object of disgust.

One oozed compassion and understanding, the other oozed arrogance.

One was rapturously received and the other protested with contempt.

It was like Beauty and the Beast.

The Narcissist versus the Egalitarian.

The contrast could not have been more profound.

Just imagine what the world might be like if we voted in leaders with such sensibilities?

Someone for the next Democratic Presidential candidacy?

I'd like to hear from you...

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