Bring on an Election!! Bring on a 2nd Referendum!!

Mrs May was plain stupid in the first place. It’s all been about the Tory party and never about the country.
She should first of all, on a decision of this magnitude, formed a cross-party group to look at it and sort a strategy before triggering article 50.
Instead she pandered to the extreme right Brexiteers and tried to run with their stupidity until it became clear that they were talking bollocks, had no plan, and were just heading for the precipice without a clue about what they were going to do.
The Tory Party created the mess in the first place by holding a referendum in order to placate the right wing prior to the election. Cameron and Osborne thought that they could control them and would fob them off after the election when they went back into coalition. But they narrowly won the election and were hoisted on their own petard and had to run the referendum.
Even though they knew it wasn’t in the interests of the country they went ahead full of complacency.
They put Party before country again.
They botched the nature of the referendum. A decision of this magnitude should never have been binary or based on a simple majority.
They then ran a botched campaign without really putting the case and fell foul of the Brexiteers lies and scare tactics. There never were 5 million Turks heading our way or 350 million pound a week to be had. Cameron and Osborne knew the complexities and reality and never spelt out the huge benefits, costs and difficulties. They never countered the lies.
Boris – the opportunist chancer – put self before country. He wrote two articles – one for Brexit and one for Remain – weighed up his chances of becoming PM and promoted himself by backing Brexit. The selfish bastard. Thankfully Gove stabbed him in the back – the only good thing Gove has done!
Having failed Cameron and Osborne buggered off to earn great fortunes and leave us to austerity (remember that – we’re all in it together?).
May, who had voted Remain, won the leadership, and, to show that she was backing Brexit made the fatal flaw of going with the Loonies. Their extreme version was never going to get going. They didn’t have a clue. When it went pear-shaped she dumped them and went for this hurriedly put-together hodge-podge.
A litany of Tory mistakes that has already cost us a fortune.
The pound dropped 16% – putting up prices.
The economy tanked among the worst in Europe.
We’ve had two years of austerity, decimation of public services, cuts, wage freezes and misery. Crisis in all public services, crime rates rising, hate and division, and Brexit Mania. It’s been dire.
Now businesses and banks are fleeing to Europe and May has a deal that will never get through parliament.
What next?
May resigns? A Tory leadership contest?
A change of government?
A new referendum – putting it to the people?
A general election?
I know what I would like – Boot the worst government we’ve ever had out. Good riddance Tories!! Bring in a Labour government and have a second referendum to dump this costly, destructive Brexit once and for all!!

6 thoughts on “Bring on an Election!! Bring on a 2nd Referendum!!

  1. I sit a few thousand miles away; an expat Bristolian and I feel so bad for my homeland. The Tories have never been for the country just for themselves and the old boy institutions that support them. We have a similar situation here in the USA with a mad narcissistic fool for a president. It will all pas. Trump will no ,longer be president and May will be a has been.

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