White Eagle speaks through my Granddad Pt. 7

I’ve just got one more to type up – a couple of pages. It is strange because I cannot hear my granddad, as I knew him, in any of these writings.

I can’t say I’m particularly enthralled but I do find it strange that an uneducated man can produce this stuff in the way he does.


You all must pass through the phase called death. A thought that presents itself only too vividly. Fear comes only too quickly when you think about it, fear that can hasten the very thing you are dreading. Yet many try to reach out for death, praying and longing for the call to come, building a fear for life. If you fear death you cannot enjoy life because your fear will cloud it. If you fear life then death when it comes will cloud your progressions. So beloved dismiss all fears from you, help others to dismiss theirs and think not of tomorrow or yesterday as a fear. When the time comes as most surely it will, that is not the end of life but another beginning to a new and fuller life, a uniting to loved ones that have gone before, friends all around you waiting to help you and enlighten you. Let me explain what takes place when this phase comes and perhaps that which you dread now may soon be cleared by understanding. You will step out of your body naturally and easily when that time comes. If you fear it you will fight and fight hard. Whichever way you let it approach you will leave the body and field behind and as you retract the light bodies of the field will close into the body. This is known as the state rigor mortis and takes three days to complete. As soon as the field has claimed every mineral cell rigor mortis is over. The body is now in vibration to your earth direct; and with the aid of microbe and germ workers commence to decompose it. The next step is to throw off your astral mind which is often described as an astral body. If you are aware of God throughout your earthly life and made much of your life the process is simple. If you have lived selfishly for yourself and given no thought to God whatever, finding favour with only earthy things, you will keep your material mind. As you keep it you will become a wanderer, a lost sheep in an astral plane, and gradually darkness will overtake your vision. If on the other side you discard this mind, you will transform to the light, and will be able to vibrate your loved ones or friends in the planes. You will have brought with you the mercury body of light which recorded every part of your material life even to your sickness and suffering. You will feel a strangeness at first, a feeling perhaps that everything has been cut awaqy from you and your first desire will be to rest. Gradually you will pass into deep sleep and whilst in this coma your spirit mind will link your mercury mind and bring into a state of syntony. As you awaken the spirit is now ready to commence its journey of progression and begins where your earth life left off. Your loved ones you have left behind the whole climax as it brought you to your present state will be uppermost. If grief is radiating to you from those loved ones it will hold back your progression; it will keep your mercury mind whole. If grief is stayed by understanding and loving thoughts are directed, then progression is made easier. The first complete state of evolution is to get rid of your mercury mind by demagnetising and transferring its contents to the spirit mind. As this change is taking place with you everything you have lived will become conscious with you, remorse, grief, misunderstanding, lust, greed, jealousy and hatred. Thought which you had laid aside and buried, yes it is all there right down to your earliest childhood memory, exchanged to live in a new pattern of life. As long as you possess your mercury mind you will contact the earth in that state of mind to which it lent itself. The love you had for things is still with you, but one day will change. The love for your relatives and friends will grow stronger. There is no time in the spirit world and the demagnetisation of your mercury cell can be anything relating to time on your earth. Once your thoughts have been transferred to the spirit you will commence to live your life in the planes using the thought awakening to evolution. Every experience you hold will profit your new life, revealing new roadways showing you better ways of attunement to God. New laws will surge around you helping to bring you nearer to eternal life and helping the spirit to despise sin for what it is. Repentance of sin takes place to God and not to your earth; you only atone to man but you repent to God. Ministering angels, loved ones and friends help you in your progression, teaching you how to create with higher laws for it is only by creation that you can become eternal.
As you create with these higher laws your colour minds of the spirit will gradually leave you as did your mercury mind. Every part of your new life will be passed and recorded to the mercury mind of the spirit, the real you, the part that on the earth is never seen by man. You have read the teachings no doubt; all things change except God the truth; in this teaching you will see how necessary it is for us all to pass through these states of change. Man is clinging to egoism; everyone is becoming so important to himself he teaches his children to be like him. God is kept wrapped in mystery, that every roadway becomes choked, knowledge cannot get through and so you continue to live in a world of imagination. We are all important to each other and the sooner you break down the barriers of mystery the better you will live in peace with each other. Every brother and sister who wanders in the planes of darkness is there because your world has put them there. The riches, vice, creation turned to sexual amusement have lived with them greater than the understanding of God, and have blinded them with a false security. Progression is the only true security of eternal life, the only way man can evolve above sin, for without sin you cannot know goodness. Sin should be tasted and allow you to compare with the goodness; the same sin to live with you and obsess your life forever is your greatest enemy. I do not attempt to judge or point a finger of condemnation to any of my brothers and sisters; my sympathy goes out to them; I pray for them. What shall it profit a man that he gaineth your whole world and loseth his soul. What a wonderful teaching to progression.

4 thoughts on “White Eagle speaks through my Granddad Pt. 7

  1. Namaste Opher ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post these texts.

    A truly fascinating read from start to finish! Your grandfather was indeed an extraordinary man, of that there is no doubt, and whilst I do not ‘understand’ – if that is the correct word – the entire ‘teaching’, I have read similar material before when researching a little further into Theosophy, Mysticism and Gnostic scripture – although this was some years ago and I’ve subsequently misplaced that information in my thoughts.

    I am largely in awe of his ability – his receptivity/sensitivity/awareness – in being able to recount with such detail, and in such condensed form, these words channelled through him by White Eagle. Stepping-aside the language used, his text feels very comprehensive if not also eclectic: as if an amalgam of ideas, which find parallels in other inspiring texts. One wonders if a modern reworking would facilitate ease of reading without losing either essence or meaning from the ideas presented? Indeed, I also wonder if contemporary theoretical science could shed further light on these curiously resonant and possibly prodigious, mind-expanding ideas. There is so very much to consider here – the magnitude is immense and extends beyond initial enquiry – and despite several readings I cannot unpack my thoughts sufficiently to reach conclusions of my own. It therefore pleases me to know you are intending to publish so as to allow both deliberation and consideration.

    But no matter what may be considered as truth within his channelling (we each have our own appreciation of what resonates with us) I still find his reach remarkable, and this text poignant and places profound. I think there are numerous mysteries in Life that we have yet to discover and certainly yet to grasp and perhaps we never will – the mind is an incredibly powerful and highly complex organ that hasn’t been fully explored.

    I don’t believe an uneducated mind is any less receptive to the numinous: in fact it might be a quality of mind that enhances or heightens one’s receptivity in as much that it may not rationalise the experience taking place to the same degree as one that is primed already?

    Perhaps in the not so distant future we will know far more about the workings of the human mind. It is a fascinating field of study.

    I was enthralled from start to finish and hope others who read this text were equally inspired by it to perhaps research more around it and discover something more within it for themselves.

    Thank you again for posting. A most fascinating read.

    All the best. Have a great week.

    Namaste ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Dewin – I enjoyed typing these up. It felt like I was connecting with my Grandfather. I only have scattered memories from over fifty five years ago. He was an enigma.
      I thought the writings might be up your street from having read your work. I am going to be working at putting this into a publishable document. I think I owe that to my Granddad. It has also spurred me to going back to read the book written about him. When I have published it I will send a copy to the White Eagle Lodge to see if they are interested. It will be interesting to see what they say.

      1. Namaste Opher, how are ya? ๐Ÿ™‚

        I think most grandfather’s are an enigma…someone from another time who we meet infrequently when we ourselves are of tender age: they remain elusive, mysterious, enigmatic but yet, grandfather’s speak with authority and wisdom on many things both alien and fascinating to young minds. They are true patriarchs in every sense.

        I had hoped you would find a level of ‘connection’ with him again, or perhaps re-establish the connection that has possibly never left you. No doubt he has always been there providing strength, reassurance, and both counsel and support, if not also guidance in his own way when you may have needed it most. I’m pleased to hear this text has prompted renewed interest in him.

        His text is fascinating and certainly of interest to me. Keep the price reasonable on the pamphlet and I’ll buy a copy! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ On which note I think it a superb idea to publish and forward a copy to White Eagle Lodge (WEL): it is part of his legacy left to your family and should be celebrated as such. Should WEL reply, I’d be most interested to hear their views.

        Thank you again for publishing his words here on WP. I hope you will discover more about him and in so doing perhaps discover more about yourself as a consequence. Which leads me to ask if you have ever considered researching your ancestry?

        Enjoy your evening,

        Namaste ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Glad you appreciated it all Dewin. I’ll get it all together and keep you informed. I always do my stuff at around cost price. I don’t think this pamphlet will cost much. We’ll see.
    Enjoy your week!

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