White Eagle speaks through my Granddad pt. 8

Well this is the last one. I suppose it was interesting to me because of its personal nature and my memories of my granddad. I last saw him when I was fourteen and I thought he was weird.

I’d sure like to meet up with him now and talk things through. Weird stuff.

The Spirit Returns

You will notice as your material mind broke up and the thought passed to your spirit coloured minds you came back to the mind of a child or baby. As the colour minds of the spirit broke up, you again come to childhood thought and pass through the deep state of sleep, as that of a baby. The colour mind does not break up its light but retains the light bodies to re-build new colour into. Every higher state of thought and knowledge has its own vibration of colour and density, whereas your earthly thought remains always the same in density and colour and enables your earth to remain the same to man’s vibration. In this deep state of sleep you will pass into a celestial house of your new plane and there you will be greeted as a new birth to that plane, an addition to their family and registered to that plane as you are with earth. Elders, scribes, ministering angels give thanks to God for your deliverance and shower their love upon you. A ministering angel known as the comforter will be given charge over you and tend you with loving thought and knowledge. You will be wrapped in light to keep out unwanted vibrations of thought in order that your spirit may build a new colour mind for you, colours that will attune you to the law of this new plane. A seed from your spirit and a seed from the comforter is conceived into every light body you have retained and sets up the creation of the new mind.

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