White Eagle speaks through my Granddad pt. 6

I’m quite enjoying writing up these old tracts from my Granddad. It sort of connects me again after over half a century. I find it fascinating. These are the only things I have of his.

While I might not agree with it all I do find it interesting.

The Keepers of Law


The great sun that shines upon your earth is the creator of all light bodies for every living mineral cell and feeds all laws to material form. The moon is a celestial body and provides the magnetic bodies and is the direct link of the celestial las of your earth. Every material planet is responsible to the moon in some form or another to enable creation to take place with the sun. Just as you have sun, moon and the planets, so there are solar and strato suns and moons, which are the creative forces of higher laws. Everything is governed by law and each law is dependent upon another, as one law repels so another law attracts. The sun and many planets have a fixed orbit and hold the greatest laws of repel. As your moon is the celestial contact to your earth so there are celestial planets serving your planets handing on creative thought of higher laws, so there are others feeding them. Each law possesses colour and is attracted to each other by like and only by their like can they create. Thus there can never be any confusion between intersection. Each form is a contact to creation and freely give as they are given unto. It is impossible for any spirit to have contact with any law unless he has known them and they have become a part of him.


There are many laws round and about you that you do not know them. Neither do they know you unless you have been made unto them. Everything created becomes a keeper of laws. You cannot break the laws in any way, but the laws will break you if you do not keep them. You may try to defy them in many ways but you will feel the repercussions of their strength and your weakness. Every law has an opposite; as you have sin so there is goodness; as you have light so there is darkness; as there is love so there is hatred; and so we could keep on defining the laws unto each other. Laws are mansions of created thought sending out billions of workers all working for the good of their mansion in similarity to a hive rigidly performing their duties. In my Father’s house there are many mansions. If it were not so I would have told thee. This teaching of the Christ must have found many interpretations. Many have tried to puzzle out the meaning and many have failed to know its meaning. You are all a part of those mansions and will one time pass through, working for them as part of their law, and enjoy the understanding which they have to offer.

Your earth is forced to abide by laws, forced to attract and repel and to create for the benefit of every living thing. All species of animal, insect, bird fish and reptile are forced to create laws and keep them accordingly. Man is the only living creation who has been given a freedom of choice, free to incitations of creation, free to choose his own way of life or sin, freedom in the choice of laws, but he possesses no right within himself to break a law. Laws made by man are meant to be broken, for there is only one creator. Man has never created anything. Man is a keeper of creation and its laws and can only build from what creation has given him. Religions, creeds and sects are all roadways to our eternal home, all attuned to the same great laws. If you believe your religion or creed helps you best to keep the laws then follow it. Do not despise a brother or sister because his belief is different to that of your own. Do not hate him or think that you are greater than he. Be humble one to the other. Humble yourself to the Great Spirit and seek his knowledge, teach his laws as you find them and set aside all animosity.

I love every brother and sister whatever his religion, cast or creed, because one day if I am to enjoy eternal life I must enjoy all love and all laws.

Unto each law you must bring goodness that it may create with you and lift you higher, giving you greater knowledge and wisdom. They give you greater light and love and open up great vaults of truth that enable you to perceive your state of plane. Every day you live your life upon the earth you should try and gain as much experience as you can, live it as best you can, and live it for the Great Spirit. Do not try and live for yourself or you will become an egoist, and shut out laws that could have helped you. Seek and hold fast to that which is good and above all keep his laws.

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